At the end of the day it's all about the money

James has raised from $50k to $100M

Money to start or grow your business

MIND DUMP has been writing business plans for many different types of investors since 1974.  We have helped raise from $50k to $100M from banks and VC's for startups to existing businesses


Without a plan no body goes anywhere

Who is going to want to see your plan more than investors and lenders? YOU ! It is your road map

You don’t win battles with rifles if you can’t shoot straight and don’t have bullets.

You don’t win wars if you can’t see the battlefield and have no strategy. 


​​​What's the benefit to you ?

We can put into the hands of the investor/lender a forward thinking document in a language they can understand that is a mechanism that will allow them to dream and shows your company will be run by a CEO based on value principles

Participating in your MIND DUMP lets you see all the random thoughts that are rolling around chaotically in your mind.  We assemble all those disconnected pieces of your mental puzzle so they make sense.  It is the first big step in writing a successful business plan.  Getting all your thoughts organized into a clear strategy is tantamount to completing a successful business plan.  

You find out how much money you will need.  Where it should come from.  The correct legal structure of your company.  How to structure the building blocks of business; management, operations, finance, controls and marketing.  Who is going to do what, when, why and where, and much much more.

We organize everything you were thinking into a comprehensive written strategy as a road map you can follow to;  

Write your plan yourself

Write your plan with our help

Have us write the plan for you

Do nothing

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What kind of plan is right for you?

Plan to start your business?

Plan to grow your business?

Plan to get money?

Plan to get venture funding?

Plan to set goals for next quarter?

Plan to set goals for next year?

Plan to establish value for your company?

Plan to formalize corporate governance?

Plan to identify and establish your culture


A simple explanation of EBITDA by James Wittmack

Say you're six years old and want to open a lemonade and cake stand, hoping PepsiCo Inc.  (NYSE: PEP) will eventually figure out a way to buy your operation. You have no money, so mom and dad front the capital equipment costs: $30 for lemonade, cups, sugar, water, $20 for cake mix and signage.

At the end of the day, mom and dad want to know how much money you made. They don't want a figure that's been adjusted for interest payments on the debt you owe them, taxes, and depreciation of the fixed assets. That's the idea behind EBITDA, to give investors a sense of how much money a young or fast-growing company is generating before it pays it all out to creditors, IRS, etc...

Bank CEO

Investment Banker

Investment Banker


Dan Yates is CEO of Endeavor Bank.  This inciteful interview will provide a glimpse of what to expect in a bank loan meeting. 

Investment Banker

Investment Banker

Investment Banker


Azim Khamisa is a Sr. seasoned international investment banker.  

Azim helps companies that have reached an EBITDA of $3 million annually and don't have a clear idea of how to fund towards a viable and ratifiable exit strategy.  

Azim and James helped a Canadian Entrepreneur raise $100,000,000 for his start-up.

CDC Loans

Investment Banker

CDC Loans


CDC loans specializes in loans for women, veterans, minorities and businesses located in low to moderate income areas

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