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James has raised from $50k to $100M

Writing business plans and helping business owners get money since 1974

James has raised from $50k to $100M for startups to existing businesses

Bank CEO


Dan Yates is CEO of Endeavor Bank.  This inciteful interview will provide a glimpse of what to expect in a bank loan meeting. 

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Investment Banker


Azim Khamisa is a Sr. seasoned international investment banker.  

Azim helps companies that have reached an EBITDA of $3 million annually and don't have a clear idea of how to fund towards a viable and ratifiable exit strategy.  

Azim and James helped a Canadian Entrepreneur raise $100,000,000 for his start-up.

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CDC Loans


CDC loans specializes in loans for women, veterans, minorities and businesses located in low to moderate income areas

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Investment Opportunities

Multiple Retail Locations


Seeking $100M USD

Quick Silver Resorts

Pipeline of Opportunities
Hangzhou Bay China
Doha, Qatar
Incheon, So. Korea
Zhejiang Province, China

Pipeline of Opportunities

Zhejiang, China

Hangzhou Bay, China

Doha, Qatar

Incheon, South Korea

Carson, CA

Oklahoma City, OK

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Florida Real Estate Developments


Seeking $100M USD


A simple explanation of EBITDA by James Wittmack

Say you're six years old and want to open a lemonade and cake stand, hoping PepsiCo Inc.  (NYSE: PEP) will eventually figure out a way to buy your operation. You have no money, so mom and dad front the capital equipment costs: $30 for lemonade, cups, sugar, water, $20 for cake mix and signage.

At the end of the day, mom and dad want to know how much money you made. They don't want a figure that's been adjusted for interest payments on the debt you owe them, taxes, and depreciation of the fixed assets. That's the idea behind EBITDA, to give investors a sense of how much money a young or fast-growing company is generating before it pays it all out to creditors, IRS, etc...

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