James had his globally recognized furniture manufacturing business stolen at gun point in 1989. 

Coming back across the border from Mexico he was trying to figure out how to prevent any business owner from getting in the same predicament.  

That's when he developed his proprietary business called " MIND DUMP "

How does it work?

Phase l


To liberate fresh ideas we ask  hundreds of proprietary questions for hours and sometimes days. 

Phase ll


We organize your random thoughts  into a clear cohesive strategy. 

Phase lll



You receive a comprehensive clearly written strategy you can implement on your own .  Or you can take advantage of our optional tracking meetings to hold you accountable and keep you on a clear path to achieve your stated goals. 



MIND DUMP J.I.T.S. are "Just In Time Strategies" for urgent or specific mission critical issues.

  • Key C Suite Executive needs to be replaced
  • Employee created a massive unexpected problem that needs a quick solution that prevents it from happening again
  • Law Suit surfaced unexpectedly
  • Sell, shut down, keep funding  
  • Owner passed need to  determine what to do next
  • Conflict between partners needing a strategy both can agree on

Before vs After

Individuals - SOLOpreneurs BEFORE


  • Overwhelmed
  • Frustrated
  • Confused
  • Stressed
  • Struggling
  • Can't figure out how to scale the business
  • Need a quick strategic decision



3 hours later

Thank you MIND DUMP

  • In control
  • No stress
  • Clear path forward, knowing how to get from here to there
  • Laser Focused
  • Tasks prioritized  

Many increase income by 40%, most double or triple their income.

Corporations BEFORE


  • Corporate chaos
  • Internal conflict
  • No accountability
  • Strategic conflict
  • Fighting over who does what
  • Wrong personalities mix
  • No clear company culture
  • Wasted time on useless actvities 
  • No clear vision
  • Leadership conflicts



3 hours to 4 days later

Thank you MIND DUMP

  • Strategic focus
  • Clear priorities
  • Strategy maps so everyone arrives at the same place at the same time
  • Working in harmony
  • No wasted time
  • Clear separation of responsibilities
  • Incentives match targeted outcomes
  • Strategic targeted outcomes identified

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