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The single most important tool I've ever encountered to make the big decisions in life

The special forces of business strategy


Visualization is the fastest way to retrain your brain

Helping businesses accelerate to the next level for over 30 years

I wish I had done this years or decades ago - MD participant

MIND DUMP is based on Harvard Business strategies

Our Approach

Keeping you focused and on track

Keeping you focused and on track



  1. We ask hundreds of questions based on sophisticated lean six sigma and lean manufacturing techniques until your mental tank is empty 
  2. The confusion, chaos, and conflicting thoughts in your head are now in front of you on whiteboards so you can see them.  With your mind clear we stimulate fresh ideas and organize them into a clear path forward
  3. Participants discover 60% of their time is wasted on useless activities
  4. We Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control “DMAIC” the remaining 40% of into streamlined strategies for success
  5. You receive a comprehensive written strategy for success including; a current situation analysis and recommendations at a post MIND DUMP debriefing.  We answer your questions and explain how to implement our recommendations

Keeping you focused and on track

Keeping you focused and on track

Keeping you focused and on track


To ensure your success we offer:  

  • Optional tracking sessions
  • We mentor your transformation from technical expert to value managing CEO
  • Leadership communication skills
  • Instant help; Our MIND DUMP clients have our cell numbers
  • Conduct Quarterly initiatives
  • Conduct Annual Planning sessions
  • Write your Business Plan
  • Secure Funding

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Estimated economic recovery dates

Optimistic; Mid April

Realistic; May

Pessimistic; August

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